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How You Could Help

The services of the soft shores ecosystem are often overlooked. Not only do the soft shores support a myriad of life, they are also massive carbon sinks, as well as effective agents in stabilizing the soil and mitigating wave actions. 




Here is what you can do to protect the soft shores:

  • The wild organisms are only for observation purposes. Avoid undue handling (some are potentially dangerous). They should be placed back after observation, do not bring back home.

  • Discourage clam digging activities. In attempt to reduce the environmental impact of the activity at the unregulated Shui Hau Wan, WWF-HK has developed a self-disciplinary code of conduct and a “clam gauge” for clam diggers.

  • Do not feed the wild animals, so to preserve their foraging ability.

  • Do not litter wherever you are, because rain, wind, or other human actions may bring them into the waterways and eventually land them on the soft shores.

  • Participate in coastal clean-up activities. 

  • Do not release non-native plants or animals to the wild. This rule is universal, regardless of location and habitat. Invasive species often cause irreversible disruption to the ecosystem.

  • Use eco-friendly products. Harmful chemicals may alter the organisms’ physiology and behavior, in turn affecting the food web.

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